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Tales of the past - Why Apple?

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009

*******************************what you*******************
***************************want about*********************
*********talk about innovation without mentioning*********
*****the Macintosh. Most groundbreaking ideas in the******
****computer industry have origins on the Macintosh. I****
***always hear scoffs from the PC users of the world on***
**saying something like that, but those scoffs are********
**only from people have no knowledge of other*************
**aspects of computing. I own and use both a**************
*PC and a Macintosh out of necessity, but my**************
*platform of choice is, and shall remain the**************
*most awesome, stable, user friendly, first in************
*innovation Macintosh. Sure, I hear all of the************
*arguments in favor of the PC, like more soft-************
*ware available (I'm not wealthy enough to buy************
*even all that's available for the Mac, are you?), *******
**how there's more support for the PC in the regular******
**shops (Macs are so stable and user friendly they rarely*
***need outside support). What I happen to know, and why,*
***is that the Macintosh sports the highest customer sat-*
*****isfaction rating of any of the computer companies.***
******Macs haven't become a computer cult by accident.****
*******It's because the Mac is so smooth, so fast, so*****
*********user friendly that to know one is to love********
**************one. And that, my friends, is what**********
*******************it's all**********about.***************

Gesehen bei The AppleCollection.

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28.01.2009, 20:14 Uhr

highest customer satisfaction rating of any computer companies...ob das noch stimmt? Mein Macbook ist gerade in der Reparatur. Das Teil hat nach 2 Jahren einen feinen Riss neben dem Trackpad und eine abgebrochene Ecke, das Plastik ist auch schlechte Qualität! Aber wenigstens bekomme ich bei Gravis ohne Probleme ein neues Tastaturgehäuse, dann ist er wieder wie neu

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