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Why Apple Macs?

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2006

*******************************what you*******************
***************************want about*********************
*********talk about innovation without mentioning*********
*****the Macintosh. Most groundbreaking ideas in the******
****computer industry have origins on the Macintosh. I****
***always hear scoffs from the PC users of the world on***
**saying something like that, but those scoffs are********
**only from people have no knowledge of other*************
**aspects of computing. I own and use both a**************
*PC and a Macintosh out of necessity, but my**************
*platform of choice is, and shall remain the**************
*most awesome, stable, user friendly, first in************
*innovation Macintosh. Sure, I hear all of the************
*arguments in favor of the PC, like more soft-************
*ware available (I'm not wealthy enough to buy************
*even all that's available for the Mac, are you?), *******
**how there's more support for the PC in the regular******
**shops (Macs are so stable and user friendly they rarely*
***need outside support). What I happen to know, and why,*
***is that the Macintosh sports the highest customer sat-*
*****isfaction rating of any of the computer companies.***
******Macs haven't become a computer cult by accident.****
*******It's because the Mac is so smooth, so fast, so*****
*********user friendly that to know one is to love********
**************one. And that, my friends, is what**********
*******************it's all**********about.***************

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